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Furniture Glass


Glass plays an ornamental role in furniture, which all furniture with glass elements could be called furniture glass. The differences are based on proportions that glass takes in wood or metal. Generally speaking, glass as an important part of furniture, which made within furniture, is called glass furniture.

For example, for bookcases with glass doors, we call glass doors as furniture glass. For glass tea table, we also include it into glass furniture.

As an accessory in the furniture, glass functions as embellishment. It is beautiful for products with glass but also needs to take care for protection. Here, we will share some tips regarding glass maintenance:

1. Furniture glass should be placed in a more fixed place. Do not arbitrarily push back and forth. When you are putting things, please kindly take them carefully and avoid clashing. It is best to pull the bottom part for relocating.

2. We could use organic solvent such as gasoline or alcohol to wipe the dirt off furniture glass. Adopting towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar would also be a good way to clean furniture glass. It is much better to use glass cleaner, sold in current market. Bear in mind, please do not scratch furniture glass with hard objects, becasue it is easy for glass to get frosted in winter, which we could use dipped cloth with salty water or liquor to wipe off.




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