Guangdong Hongbo Glass Co., Ltd (Original: Foshan Shunde Hongbo Glass Co., Ltd) is located locates in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City of China. Established in 2012, as a new type of deep glass processing company, our company is specialized in glass deep processing technologies for producing tempered glass, art glass, showcase glass, bathroom glass, fish tank, furniture glass, and special glass (3-19mm ultra white glass, 3-12mm silver mirror, white jade glass) and provides all kinds of installation services for large and medium glass as well as glass wall. Being Young, Energetic, Vigorous, Pragmatic, and Exploring is our entrepreneurial inspiration. Our service standard is Professional Service & Delivery On Time. Our pursuit is 'Not to be the Largest, But to be the Best'. We had established strategic partnership with Appollo (China) Co., Ltd in 2014. In the same year, a workshop started to operate in Appollo's tempered plant, which brought our professional service to a higher level. Our production headquarter started to operate in Shude Lecong and meanwhile Foshan Yangyun Hongbo Glass Technology Co., Ltd was established in December 2015, which marks a new stage of our company in production capability, technology, and research. With approval from the local Industry and Commerce Administration, we upgraded our company from Foshan Shunde Hongbo Glass Co., Ltd into Guangdong Hongbo Glass Co. Ltd in 2017. Located in Shishan Town, Nanhai, our new production center was under construction in May 2017 and fully went into operation at end of October 2017.

In Guangdong Hongbo production center, there are totally four internationally advanced flat/bent tempering production lines, and the precise digital controlled processing center enabling our assembly line superior than others. The first five years has certainly witnessed the glorious development of Guangdong Hongbo from a plant less than 2000 square meters in size to a production center nearly 20,000 square meters.

Based on manufacturing, and quality service oriented, Guangdong Hongbo Glass Co., Ltd has gained such quality certifications as ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, CE marking, 3C, SGCC. Those quality certifications ensure our products could be widely used in both domestic and international markets without any concerns.

We sincerely welcome you to the open, promising, entrepreneurial and creative Hongbo! Let's work hard together for a win-win future and share the joy of development in the next five year!

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